Loma Prieta Community Foundation

Narrow Gauge Railroads and Lumbering

Join the Loma Prieta Museum Group for a presentation by Brian Liddicoat on the history of the old Narrow Gauge Railroads and Lumbering in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He will walk us through the amazing history of the railroads from the late 1800’s to the 1940’s, lumbering, sawmills, the unbelievable 12 mile lumber flume, small towns, camps, etc. He will show us pictures of what it looked like then and tell us the history of living during this adventurous and rugged era.

Brian is a real estate attorney and Santa Cruz historian. A California native, he earned a law degree and MBA from UC Berkeley and practices real estate transactions and litigation throughout the state. He lives in Corralitos with his wife and two children. After the South Pacific Coast Railroad presentation earlier this year in March to a standing-room-audience many had asked Brian to return. We look forward to a very interesting and educational presentation again.

This free community event is open to the public and is sponsored by the Loma Prieta Community Foundation. LPCF is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to
building and supporting a strong sense of community in the Summit area by providing educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for the mountain residents.

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