Loma Prieta Community Foundation

LPCF Announces a $125,000 Matching Grant for the Water Tender Drive!


Nov 2014


Los Gatos, Nov 24, 2014: The Loma Prieta Community Foundation (LPCF) today announced a $125,000 challenge grant from anonymous donors supporting the drive by the Water Tender Coalition, which includes LPCF, to purchase a new water tender for the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire & Rescue. This extraordinary act of generosity underscores the importance donors put on fire safety in a small rural community where fire danger is a real and constant threat.  More information on this grant can be found at this post or at the website for the Coalition at LoveMeTender.Info

love_me_tender_logo_smallLPCF is a proud supporter of the campaign to purchase a new water tender for our very own Loma Prieta Fire & Rescue. You can donate here or at the LoveMeTender website.  Visit the LoveMeTender website for more information.


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