Loma Prieta Community Foundation

95033 Groups

If you came here because of a redirect from 95033free.com or 95033Talk.com…. read on.  Please consider joining more of these groups:

The 95033 (free/talk/market) sites are all independently operated and maintained and based on yahoo groups.  They do require membership.  Each of them serves a vital function:


The first group set up by our very own Go-Green leaders.  Its all about Free Recycling.

  • Free Recycling is all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s better for someone else to reuse your item than recycle the materials in it or have it end up as trash.
  • This also means finding people near us to minimize energy use and pollution. The better we care for our planet, the better it takes care of us (and our kids).
  • If you live (or work) in the 95033 Community and can resonate with the Free Recycling principles above, we welcome you to join!
  • Click to join 95033free


The place where our community comes together to discuss issues and get recommendations

  • 95033talk is a community based communication tool for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas (Santa Cruz Mountains/Los Gatos Mountains).  Use this group to do things like:
    • notify of upcoming events in the Mountains
    • arrange a car pool
    • ask for recommendations
    • organize an event
    • find a running buddy, babysitter or cat sitter
    • raise an alert
    • arrange a litter patrol
    • notify of a lemonade stand/bake sale (for Loma 8th grade DC trip!)
    • announce an open house, horse show or garage sale
  • You may not use this list to sell items.
  • A general pitch for your business is OK in response to a request for goods/services, or if you need to announce a new wine/artwork/soap collection/feature/website etc but please limit this to once a month or less.
  • Users who continually pitch their businesses will be banned.
  • Please do not use this list for romantic or sexual purposes.
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The newest yahoo group, for people who want to buy and sell stuff and who live in the 95033 zip!

  • Pretty much anything goes – produce, household goods, cars, clothes, plants etc.
    • Keep it legal, and clean (no adult only type items or firearms)
    • NO links to ebay or other selling sites due to copyrights.
    • NO asking for money type ads
  • And finally, “buyer beware” – moderator is not responsible for adjudicating issues over misrepresentations, swindles, scams, items that don’t work etc. Use common sense. If it looks too good to be true, it might be.
  • Click to join 95033Market