Loma Prieta Community Foundation

Firesafe Roads / Escape Routes


Sep 2019


LPCF is one of the sponsors of a newly formed group, formed to create a comprehensive community-wide survey of rural roads to identify and quantify the viability of escape routes from all residences. The group intends to take this data to the county public works departments, fire safe councils and rural fire stations to analyze and prioritize clearing the excessive biomass that puts our residences at risk.

This plan must include the funding, management and actual immediate work to establish fire safe rural roads. Also essential is the understanding that since biomass grows, an ongoing plan is essential to maintain the fire safety of our roads.

Sep 25, 2019 – Community meeting

The group held a well-attended community meeting at the Loma Prieta school forum. The flyer promoting the event can be viewed here.

You can also view the presentations from the event at this link.

You can view the Video of the meeting on YouTube.

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