Loma Prieta Community Foundation

LPCF Board

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Board Members

  • Bridget Freiri

  • Bridget runs the Kids & Company daycare for the Loma Prieta Joint Unified School District.

  • David Cattivera

  • Initially inspired by two years of AmeriCorps service, David has dedicated his entire career to the nonprofit sector and local community needs.

  • George Smith

  • Active community member, involved in MERC, Ham radio, Red Cross.

  • Miriam Watson

  • Community organizer, co-owner / moderator 95033free and co-leader of Go Green

  • Sanjay Khandelwal

  • Mountain resident, community organizer, owner / moderator of 95033Talk

  • Terry Leary

  • Terry is an active community member and an advisor to clients on their investments in personal residential, investment and commercial real estate.


  • Jeff Hanselman

  • Vice-President, LPCF; aspiring artist and member of a couple of local bands; all around good guy

  • Kevin Arnold

  • LPCF Secretary. Mountain resident, passionate about all things Apple and arts.  Super involved in Theater In the Mountains. Co-Founder of R Community, a Social Community Directory connecting businesses and organizations to the communities they serve.