Loma Prieta Community Foundation

Summit Action Group


The Summit Action Group was formed in March 2017 when a few concerned citizens of the Summit area came together to discuss the condition of our county maintained mountain roads.  We quickly came to the realization that the current county plans are not acceptable and that we, the citizens of the rural area, need to advocate for our local roads.


  • The Summit Action Group is an advocacy group
  • We intend to advocate on behalf of our community for better services for the rural Summit area, encompassing both Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties
  • Our geographic area of interest is the same as that of LPCF, our parent organization
  • Our goals include advocacy for better county maintained roads and fostering better communication and status updates in our area

Our immediate focus:  County Maintained Mountain Roads

  • Our immediate focus will be to:
    1. Gather financial information from the counties and other relevant agencies – Government financials are not easy to decipher but we must do this to understand what is being raised, what is being spent, what is available etc.
    2. Gather information on road conditions from locals – our local residents have the best info on our roads.  We intend to create a library of this info.
    3. Work with our county supervisors and other governmental agencies to prioritize and repair the roads.
  • Note – it is not our intention to work on private roads, or major highways maintained by Caltrans.  Our focus is county maintained roads.  These roads our area are in bad shape; they need focus and money to make them better!

Join Us!

We need help in all of the priorities listed above.  If you are interested, please email us at action@lpcf.org

We are all new to this.  We are also organizing and working on setting up the right tools and organization.  This includes a membership roster, an email list, and more.